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Board Minutes & Records

    Interactive Lobbyist Registration
Interactive Lobbyist Withdraw Form
    DR-486 - Petition to the Value Adjustment Board
DR-486PORT - Petition for Homestead Portability
DR-486MU - Mutiple Parcel Filing (file with DR-486)
DR-486DP - Tax Deferral or Penalties
DR-486H – Petition to VAB for Abatement of Taxes
DR-486XCO – Cross-County Notice of Appeal & Petition Transfer of Homestead Assessment Difference
DR-486A Written Authorization for Representation
DR-486POA Power of Attorney for Representation
DR-485WI - Withdrawal of Petition
Petitioner Information
VAB Telephonic Hearings Request and Procedure

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Viewing Court Documents

Forms and Instructions

Agency Registration Agreement
User Registration Agreement to View Records Online  (Each individual user with an account must complete this form and have it notarized.)
Agency Supplemental Request
Gatekeeper Management Request

Please mail the Original Notarized Agency Registration Agreement along with Registration Agreement to View Records online to:

Collier County Clerk of the Circuit Court
CIT Department
3299 Tamiami Trail East, Suit #501
Naples, Florida 34112-5749

NOTE: emailed forms will NOT be accepted!

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eRecording Requests
    Deposit Account Agreement
ACH Authorization Form
Business Portal User Guide
eRecording Presentation, August 22, 2013

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Civil Procedure Forms and Instructions

Forms and Instructions
    General Answer Form
General Motion Form
Civil Cover Sheet with Instructions - Form 1.997
Civil Cover Sheet Rule
Writ of Execution
Civil Initial Standing Order
Civil Administrative Order No. 1.13
Final Disposition Form and Instructions - Form 1.998
Final Disposition Rule
Notice of Confidential Information

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Landlord - Tenant/Civil Evictions Forms

Landlord - Tenant/Civil Evictions Forms
    Tenant Evictions Forms Packet for Matters Other Than Failure to Pay Rent
Tenant Evictions Forms Packet for Non-Payment of Rent
FL Supreme Court Approved Landlord Tenant Forms (Free: fill out online and print)
Turbo Court Tenant Evictions (Fee: charged by the vendor)
Notice of Confidential Information

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Civil Small Claims

Small Claims
    General Information for Small Claims
Statement of Claim (Fill out online and print)
Summons / Notice to Appear for Pre Trial Conference (Fill out online and print)
Satisfaction of Judgment (Fill out online and print)
Affidavit and Notice of Non-Compliance of Mediation Agreement
General Motion Form
Turbo Court Small Claims Forms (Fee charged by vendor)
Notice of Confidential Information

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    Owners Surplus Claim Form
Foreclosure Mediation Form A
Notice of Confidential Information

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Seal/Expunge Criminal Court Records
    Expunge Court Records
Notice of Confidential Information

Interactive Notice of Appearance
    Interactive Notice of Appearance
Notice of Confidential Information
Indigent Status
Application for Criminal Indigent Status

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Family Law Forms 

Family Law
    Cover Sheet for Family Court Cases and Instructions - Form 12.928
The Official Florida Supreme Court Forms for Family Law (Free, Interactive)
Turbo Court Family Law Forms
Family Law Rules and Opinions
Notice of Confidential Information
Application for Determination of Civil Indigent Status
Vital Statistics Information Form
    Vital Statistics Information Form

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Marriage License

Marriage Licenses
    Interactive Affirmation of Common Child(ren) Born in Florida 
Family Law Handbook
Spanish Family Law Handbook

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Recording Requests
    Declaration of Domicile
Notice of Commencement
Deed Consideration Info Sheet
Home Solicitation Permit Instructions
Home Solicitation Sales Permit Application
Request for Redaction of Personal Info from Non-Judicial Record
Request to Release Redact Info by Protected Party
Request to Release Exempt Status of Home Address

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Traffic Affidavits*
    Traffic Affidavit of Defense (or Admission and Waiver of Appearance)  
Traffic Affidavit of Compliance - Helmet
Traffic Affidavit of Required Proof
Traffic Requests*
    Conditional Plea of No Contest Verified Statement of Admission and Waiver of Appearance
Administrative Order No. 6.9
Request for Extension
Request for Continuance
Traffic Citation Option Form*
    Traffic Citation Option Form
*All traffic affidavits, requests and forms must be sent to the Clerk’s Traffic Department by regular mail or delivered in person. 

Note:  Any document sent via email or fax will not be accepted. 
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Turbo Court

Small Claims
  Affidavit and Notice of Non-Compliance of Mediation Agreement
  Small Claims Forms
Family Law
    Family Law Forms
Landlord Tenant Forms
      Landlord Tenant Forms

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Email Privacy

Under Florida law, email addresses are public records. If you do not want your email address released in response to a public records request, do not send to this entity. Instead, contact this office by phone or in writing.

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